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Electrofusion Branch Saddles

Specifically designed for ease of assembly and to provide optimum efficiency during the welding process, our range of universal black electrofusion fittings offers specifiers and installers a high performance jointing solution for their whole PE pipeline.

Working closely with Radius Systems Ltd for the last 12 years, we are the authorised vendors for supplying and fitting their electrofusion systems.


We offer a wide range of types and sizes.


Designed for natural and suitable manufactured gases, drinking water, wastewater energy and power PE pipelines, our electrofusion fittings are made from high strength black PE100, with exposed wire technology offering maximum heat transfer and distribution during the welding process. For ease of installation, our socket fittings are manufactured with insertion stops to ensure the pipe is fully engaged into the fitting during assembly.

All electrofusion fittings are approved to the most stringent national, international or in-house specifications. Some of the fittings have been developed for specific markets or to meet particular customer requirements. 

For a list of fittings that we supply and install please click here.





  • BS EN 1555-3 - KM 596928

  • GIS/PL2:4 - KM 538462

  • DVGW GW 335-B2

  • MPA Darmstadt - K 1598/12.2014

  • IIP Certification of Conformity to EN 1555-3

Water and wastewater

  • BS EN 12201-3 - KM 597648

  • WRAS approved material

  • DVGW GW 335-B2

  • MPA Darmstadt - K 1597/12.2014

  • IIP Certification of Conformity to EN 12201-3

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