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Flow Stopping

At Flowstop Services, we don’t just install gas connections, we also work on projects that involve existing ‘live’ gas supplies. In these cases, we must meet the relevant safety and regulation requirements applicable that arise when working with live gas.

Simply turning the gas off can be prove costly and be disruptive. Wherever possible, we use temporary flow-stopping methods, which allow the gas to continue flowing whilst we carry out our work. Crucially, we have to stop the flow in a specific area of the pipe run without disrupting the gas supply in the whole of the pipeline. There are two main methods of flow-stopping that we use:

Isolation using stopples and bags

Isolation by means of ‘bagging off’ (or ‘bag off’) insertion and/or stopples insertion into the pipe.The method we choose depends principally on three things; the pressure of the gas flowing through the pipe; the material that the pipe is made from, and the pipe diameter.



Our bagstopping service is carried out on Steel, Cast Iron and PE. We are able to perform the operations up to 42" pipe using our specialist equipment. This technique for flowstopping is used on Low pressure mains and allows the client to alter the pipeline in a gas free enviroment.

For more information on bagstopping please contact us via email.



We at Flowstop Services pride ourselves on being only one of a handful of companies in the country that are able to perform large stopple operations. We are able to stopple up to 42" pipe. Using our self sufficient 18 tonne & 26 tonne mobile workshops which have HIAB cranes installed , Flowstops are able to perform large stopple operations safely and efficiently. 

For more information on Stopples please contact us via email.


PE Stoppling in the gas industry has had its issues in the past, but we have worked hard on designing and field tested a new system that protects the PE pipe from distorting under pressure and also from the actual weight of the stopples themselves thus maintaining its integrity. An innovative design which has been approved by the GDN's. The size range is from 250mm to 469mm. The set up also allows for vertical and horizontal applications

For more information on PE Stopples please contact us via email.

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